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18 July 2006 @ 09:12 pm
This is a community for fandom related wallpapers. As this would suggest, all posts need to contain a wallpaper that is fandom related.
In this context fandom can include such subjects as TV shows, movies and bands/musicians. It can also include actors and musicians from popular TV shows, movies and bands when not in their role (e.g. photoshoots).
This community is not for questions or requests, just for posting your own wallpapers.
All preview images must be 300 pixels or less on the longest side.
When posting previews for more than one wallpaper only post a one outside a cut. The rest can be put under a cut or not previewed.
Don't create multiple posts in one day. If you're posting more than one wallpaper in a day do it in one post, edit an earlier post if needed.
As with any fandom community, be careful with spoilers. If you think your wallpaper may be a spoiler you can create a text link with a spoiler warning that describes the wallpaper.

Posts may be edited or deleted at any time, whether they break one of the above rules or not, entirely at the moderator's discretion.